Meetup Report - February 2019 - Serverless Computing, An Introduction

Meetup Report - February 2019 - Serverless Computing, An Introduction

Meetup Session started with a self introduction by all attendees and a warm welcome by Dijeesh Padinharethil, AWS User Group Kochi Lead and introduced our speaker of the day Kannan KR


The talk started with sharing everyone experience in using AWS Lambda Serverless services and the speaker shared his own personal experience in managing legacy systems, issues faced and the move towards serverless architecture.

By running serverless architecture, developers can concentrate on business logic and application development. No need to worry about the infrastructure management side. Infrastructure, it's scalability, high availability, redundancy everything will be managed by its own.

  • The speaker has gone through all major components of a modern application and what all are the AWS Services suitable for each layer of the application architecture.

  • Summarised about State-less and state-full applications.

  • Lambda is the heart of serverless architecture in AWS. He has gone through lambda basics, triggers, actions and how to monitor the logs and metrics of lambda functions.

  • He has also gone through different use cases of lambda.

  • All the topics were followed with a real case example and all the attendees who had experience with services shared their comments too.


The event concluded by a Thank You note by Abhilash Nair , AWS User Group Kochi Lead. And an announcement about plans for conducting first ever AWS Community day in Kochi

AWSUGKOCHI organizers would like to thank
  • The speaker, Kannan KR for walking us through Serverless Concepts and real case examples.

  • All the attendees for spending the evening with us.

  • NASSCOM Kochi Office & Startup Warehouse for providing the space, equipments and Tea/Coffee

  • Amazon Internet Services Private Limited for Stickers

Talk with Kannan KR: Drop a mail to

Thanks You

Stay tuned for upcoming meetups!

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