Meetup Report - March 2019 - Get Started with Amazon Alexa Skills Kit

Meetup Report - March 2019 - Get Started with Amazon Alexa Skills Kit

Alexa is a cloud-based voice service powered by AWS. Behind the scenes, code running in the cloud hears, understands, and processes your spoken requests. This time, our topic was Get Started with Amazon Alexa Skills Kit

Meetup Session started with a self-introduction by all attendees. Then, AWS User Group Kochi Lead introduced our speaker of the day Cicil Thomas.


Cicil Thomas is an enthusiastic Alexa developer and one of the Alexa community influencer of 2018. Cicil is currently working as an Associate Software Engineer at CTS

Cicil has walked us through,

  • Introduction to Alexa and Alexa Skil Kit
  • Introduction to Alexa Skill Store
  • Basics of Alexa Skill Kit
  • 8 Second Rule
  • How Alexa request and response works
  • How Authentication Works
  • How Alexa Skill kit connects to API / Lambda to execute the code


Cicil also showed a live demo on setting up a new Alexa skill Kit which will provide details about Marvel Heros.

  • Created a new Alexa Skill Kit using Amazon Developer Portal
  • Created a Lambda function as a backend for the Skill Kit
  • Configured API calls to Marvel API which
  • Demo

The event concluded by a Thank You note by Abhilash Nair and Dijeesh Padinharethil, AWS User Group Kochi Leaders.

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