Meetup - September 2018 - Kubernetes in AWS - EKS

September 2018 - Meetup Update - Kubernetes in AWS - EKS

Introduction to Amazon EKS was conducted by Dijeesh Padinharethil AWS User Group Kochi Co-Organizer.


Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS) makes it easy to deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications using Kubernetes on AWS.

Amazon EKS runs the Kubernetes management infrastructure for you across multiple AWS availability zones to eliminate a single point of failure. Amazon EKS is certified Kubernetes conformant so you can use existing tooling and plugins from partners and the Kubernetes community. Applications running on any standard Kubernetes environment are fully compatible and can be easily migrated to Amazon EKS.

During the session, Dijeesh walked us through

  • Monolithic and microservices
  • Docker and containerization
  • Kubernetes and its concepts
  • Kubernetes in AWS
  • Kubernetes in AWS using KOPS
  • EKS
  • Setting EKS in Kubernetes
  • Sample EKS Platform Architecture in AWS
  • Introduction to EKS platform management ( Dashboard, Monitoring, Logging, Deployments)


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Thanks to all the attendees.

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